Important Questions for Engineering Physics PH2111 1st Semester Anna University Jan Exams 2012

Anna Univ Important Questions for 1st Sem
Anna University Jan 2012 Exams for First Semester students of all zonal ( Trichy ,Combatore,Madurai,Tirunelveli,Chennai ) has been to start in few days.

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Students are in more pressure for preparing the university exams ,here is the frequently asked important questions that you can follow.


1.Explain the construction and production of ultrasonic waves using magnetostriction method with neat diagram
2. Explain the construction and working of piezo electric generator to produce ultrasonic waves.
3. Discuss the pulse echo system to identify the flaws using ultrasonics with neat detailed diagram
4. Describe the method of determining the velocity of ultrasonic waves using acoustic grating


1. Explain the construction and working of He-Ne laser using a neat energy level diagram
2. For atomic transitions, derive Einstein’s relations and hence deduce the expression for the ratio of spontaneous emission rate to the stimulated emission rate.
3. Explain the modes of vibration of CO2 molecule. Describe the construction and working of CO2 laser with necessary diagram.
4. Explain the principle, construction and working of a semiconductor hetero junction laser with necessary diagrams. Mention any two advantages of them.


1. Derive an expression for the numerical aperture and angle of acceptance of fiber in terms of refractive index of the core and cladding of the fiber.
2. Describe the double –crucible technique for producing optical fibers
3. Explain with a neat block diagram, the working of a fiber optical communication system
4. Describe the principle , construction and working of light emitting diode

1. Discuss in details Compton Effect its experimental verification.
2. Derive Planck’s law for black body radiation and hence deduce Wien’s law and Rayleigh Jean’s law
3. Explain the working of TEM and SEM with neat diagram
4. Derive time independent Schrödinger wave equation and hence deduce time dependent Schrödinger wave equation

1. Explain in detail about crystal defects with neat diagram
2. Define the terms Atomic radius and packing factor. Calculate the same for BCC and FCC structures.
3. Explain in detail the crystal structures of Diamond, Graphite, Nacl and Zns.
4. Derive an expression for the inter planar spacing for (hkl) planes of a cubic structures.

Note: It doesnt mean that the questions given here are 100% assured to be on university question paper.It is just a guide for you my dear friends.

Thanks ! Wish you all the Best . Share this useful thing to your friends via facebook,twitter.If you need any help,please post your comments below.
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